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Environmental protection

The floating LNG terminal is one of the most technically advanced solution where FSRU vessel, as a major component of the floating LNG terminal, is equipped with state-of-the-art systems in terms of safety and environmental protection. In addition to required compliance with the SAVESO Directive, as well as other international directives, strictly prescribed maritime conditions and environmental and nature protection measures, the floating LNG terminal is the safest technical implementation of an LNG terminal. 

In terms of dimensions and characteristics, the FSRU corresponds to LNG carriers, with installed additional LNG regasification equipment and system for connection with the onshore pipeline. It is a vessel of complex technical design and construction, which, for critical structures and components, uses special materials, tests and safe technological solutions, and which is constructed and maintained in accordance with strict safety criteria. 

The FSRU vessel will come to the LNG terminal location as a new conversion with the highest environmental and nature protection standards applied. Also, when the FSRU vessel arrives it will be delivered with technical standards and modern technologies that provide a high level of safety, minimizing the impact on all environmental components and society as a whole. 

In order for the LNG terminal to fulfill its purpose with minimal impact on the environment and nature, the environmental measures prescribed by the Decision on acceptability to the environment are implemented and the environmental monitoring program is carried out (monitoring).

Studies and decisions by which the environmental and nature protection measures and port security are determined: