LNG Hrvatska

Zagreb, 11th April 2022 – We inform the interested public about the increase of technical capacity of the LNG Terminal. The new technical capacity, i.e. the maximum capacity of LNG regasification is 338.000 m3/hour.

LNG Terminal Operator will offer a new free LNG regasification capacity in accordance with the Rules of Operation (Official Gazette 87/21) in the Annual Capacity Booking procedure for the gas year 2022/2023 and the following gas years, as well as the short-term regasification capacity in the Short-Term LNG Regasification Capacity Booking procedure from 1st May 2022 until the end of the current gas year.

In accordance with the Rules of Operation (Official Gazette 87/21), the gas supplier or gas trader who wishes to contract LNG regasification capacity at the Terminal, i.e. the existing Terminal User who wishes to contract additional LNG Regasification Capacity must submit the Request for LNG Regasification Capacity Allocation at the latest by 31st May of the gas year immediately preceding the first gas year covered by request.

Also, the applicant for the short-term LNG regasification capacity booking shall be obliged to submit the Request for short-term LNG regasification capacity allocation to LNG Terminal Operator no later than 60 days before the planned use of the LNG regasification service.