LNG Hrvatska

Omišalj, 4th April 2022 – Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development Josip Ćorić and Minister of Infrastructure of the Republic of Slovenia Jernej Vrtovec have visited LNG Terminal in Omišalj on the island of Krk today.

Along with the director of LNG Croatia, Hrvoje Krhen and the President of Plinacro Ivica Arar, they visited the Terminal and the ship ‘LNG Croatia’, where they got acquainted with the processes that ensure the delivery of natural gas to the transport system of Croatia.

The reason for visiting the Terminal is the current energy situation in which the security of supply for many European Union countries has been called into question. Slovenian Minister Vrtovec expressed interest in booking the capacity of the LNG Terminal to ensure alternative gas supply routes to Slovenia and pointed out that this would cover a third of Slovenia’s gas needs. 

The LNG Terminal on the island of Krk continues to confirm its importance on the energy map of Europe. With the construction of the LNG Terminal and the Zlobin-Omišalj evacuation gas pipeline, the Republic of Croatia has gained a diversified gas supply route that guarantees energy stability and security of gas supply not only to Croatia but also to neighboring countries and other EU member states.