LNG Hrvatska

The energy activity of managing the LNG terminal is regulated by the following laws and regulations of the Republic of Croatia:

  • Energy Act (Official Gazette, No. 120/1214/14102/15 and 68/18),
  • Gas Market Act (Official Gazette, No. 18/18),
  • LNG Terminal Act (Official Gazette, No. 57/18),
  • Rules of operation (Official Gazette, No. 60/18,39/20 and 136/20),
  • Methodology for determination of tariff items for the unloading and send-out of liquified natural gas (Official Gazette, No. 48/18 and 79/20),
  • Methodology for determination of price of non-standard services for gas transmission, distribution, storage, LNG regasification and public service of gas supply (Official Gazette, No. 48/18 and 25/19).
  • Decision on the amount of tariff items for the unloading and send-out of liquefied natural gas (Official Gazette, No. 144/20).
  • Decision on the price list of non-standard services of liquefied natural gas terminal operator (Official Gazette, No. 144/20).