LNG Hrvatska

LNG terminal can accept LNG carriers with a capacity between 3.500 m3 and 265.000 m3.

Pursuant to Article 49 Paragraph 1 of the Rules of operation of liquefied natural gas terminal, the allowed laytime for a standard cargo volume is 40 consecutive hours, and in the case where the volume of LNG being transferred is not a standard cargo volume, the operator and terminal user arrange longer or shorter allowed laytime, depending on the cargo volume.

Discharge rate from LNG carrier to FSRU is maximum 8.000 m3/h. Administration and security protocols will take approximately 4 hours. During the discharge, FSRU can regasify LNG on maximum regasification rate which equals 338.000 m3/h. During the discharge, minimum regasification rate equals 60.000 m3/h.

Terminal can accommodate LNG carriers with a storage capacity range from 3.500 to 265.000 m3, meaning that Q-Max and Q-Flex vessels as well as small scale feeder vessels can be accommodated on terminal.