LNG Hrvatska


In accordance with Ship-To-Truck Terminal Technical Characteristics, Truck verification procedure, by which the Truck is allowed to enter the Terminal on the Island of Krk, is listed in the text below.

Truck approval procedure relates to verification of technical compatibility of arriving Trucks with the Terminal, and it is consisting of the following steps:

  1. Truck approval procedure starts once the Terminal User (or by the Point of Contact) sends a fulfilled Request for Approval form to the Terminal Operator by which a dedicated Truck that intends to enter the Terminal and perform reloading of LNG is nominated. Alongside with Request for Approval form, Terminal User/Point of Contact needs to deliver Documentation for Compatibility Analysis of Truck with the Terminal.
  1. Based on delivered documentation under item 1. , Terminal Operator checks compatibility of Truck with the Terminal. If additional documentation or clarification is required, Terminal Operator will request it from Terminal User/Point of Contact.
  1. Following successful exchange of all necessary documentation which is determined to be acceptable by the Terminal Operator, the Terminal Operator issues an Approval from the Terminal by which Truck has successfully passed approval procedure and it is accepted by the Terminal Operator.

The Terminal Operator may reject Truck because of the Truck approval procedure if the Terminal User does not deliver above-mentioned documentation on time and in accordance with Terminal requirements.

A figurative representation of the Truck approval procedure is provided in the following image:


In accordance with Croatian Regulation on handling of dangerous substances with all the subsequent amendments and Port Regulations:

  1. Minimum 30 hours before planned Truck entrance into the Port:
    • Truck representative/POC shall, through TMS, create Loading Order.
    • FSRU representative shall on e-mail of [email protected] and keeping in cc Truck representative submit:
    • Truck representative shall on e-mail [email protected] submit:
        • Request for entry into the Port for each truck driver and truck,
        • For every truck driver: drivers licence, ADR permit, Certificate of professional competence or training (if applicable, i.e. if already performed loading operation at the Terminal) and certificate of possession of adequate personal protective equipment
  2. Minimum 24 hours before planned Truck entrance into the Port, Port representative shall:
    • Issue Permission to enter the Port for each Truck/ Roadway equipment and Truck Driver for which a properly filled, signed and stamped above-mentioned documents have been submitted.

A figurative representation of the Truck driver and Truck approval for entering the Port is provided in the following image: