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Site works

According to the Building Act, parties involved in the construction works are the Investor, the Designer, the Contractor, the Supervising engineer and the Design reviser, each with clearly prescribed competencies and responsibilities during construction:

  • The Contractor needs to execute construction in accordance with the building permit, Building Act, technical regulations, special regulations and code of practice,
  • The Supervising engineer needs to supervise the construction and make sure that it is carried out in accordance with the permits, the Main design, the Building Act, special regulations and code of practice,
  • The Main Project Designer is responsible for ensuring that the designs he develops comply with the prescribed requirements and in particular that the designed construction work is in accordance with the location permit i.e. the requirements for construction of buildings prescribed by the spatial plan, and that it complies with the basic requirements for the construction works, requirements prescribed for the energy performance of buildings as well as with other prescribed requirements and conditions,
  • The Main Project Design Reviser is responsible that a design or part of a design that he revised and gave a positive report thereon, complies with the requirements of Building Act, special acts and regulations adopted on the basis of those acts, technical specifications and the code of practice regarding a characteristic revised,
  • The Investor needs to entrust the designing, control and validation of designs, construction and construction supervision by a written contract to persons who fulfil the requirements for carrying out such activities prescribed under a special act and shall be responsible for providing construction supervision.

In accordance with the Building Act and Investor’s obligations arising from it, LNG Croatia LLC has contractually entrusted the design, control and validation of designs, construction and construction supervision to persons who are qualified to perform these activities.

The EPC works were contracted on 31 January 2019 with the Contract Agreement (Design, engineering, procurement and construction of a jetty with the auxiliary facilities and connecting high-pressure gas pipeline for the LNG receiving terminal on the Island of Krk), on a turnkey basis with the group of economic entities consisted of POMGRAD INŽENJERING d.o.o., STSI-INTEGRIRANI TEHNIČKI SERVISI d.o.o. and GP KRK d.d. In accordance with the provisions of the Contract, the EPC Contractor is responsible for contracting the design, revision of the design, the procurement and construction.

Also, on 25 March 2019 LNG Croatia LLC entered into agreement with the consortium of INVESTINŽENJERING d.o.o. and EKONERG d.o.o. for contracting FIDIC engineer services and supervision of the design and construction of a jetty with the auxiliary facilities and connecting high-pressure gas pipeline for the LNG receiving terminal on the Island of Krk.

Following the conclusion of the contract on a turnkey basis with the EPC Contractor and the adoption of the Final Investment Decision by the Assembly of LNG Croatia LLC, the EPC Contractor started all activities in accordance with the dynamic execution plan. During February 2019, the activities on detailed project design and amendment of the main design of the jetty, in accordance to which the construction of the foundations of a concrete coastal system based on reinforced concrete piles, as well as activities regarding the procurement of the necessary equipment, materials and services for the execution of works, have started. 

On 9 April 2019 LNG Croatia LLC has obtained, in accordance with the planned deadlines and obligations towards the EPC Contractor, the necessary building permits (building permit for the construction of the jetty, onshore auxiliary facilities and buildings, building permit for the construction of the gas pipeline and building permit for the construction of the water line system). On 11 April 2019 notification of the commencement of construction was submitted and EPC Contractor was introduced into the possession of the onshore part of the construction site on the maritime domain, for which LNG Croatia LLC has a valid Concession Agreement. 

Considering the large number of land parcels (223 parcels in total), the expropriation or entering into possession took place from February 2019 and was finalized by 1 August 2019, by which date Contractor was entered into possession to the last parcels which are part of the scope of works (total of 223 land parcels, of which 222 are servitude or subject to partial expropriation, while one is subject to complete expropriation). 

In accordance with the abovementioned, EPC Contractor opened the construction site in April 2019 and in line with the dynamic execution plan the works on the removal of the existing construction of the jetty B, dolphins and equipment have started. The EPC Contractor is in the possession of the construction site, coordinates all activities on the construction site and is responsible for the safety of all personnel located on the construction site in accordance with the applicable laws, regulations and the Construction Contract. 

Construction works on the removal of the existing jetty B are carried out according to the Construction Removal Project of the existing jetty, project designation 764/2019., the Submission for starting of construction removal works from 19 April 2019, Location Permit CLASS: UP/I-350-05/14-01/000081, Reg. No.: 531-06-15-0015 from 29 July 2015 and I. Amendment to the Location permit CLASS: UP/I-350-05/18-01/137, Reg. No.: 531-06-1-1-2-18-16 from 26 October 2018 and the Building Act (Chapter 8.4) (Official Gazette No. 153/13, 20/17 and 39/19).

Jetty B before the removal:

Removal of jetty B:


Upon completion of the amendments of the main design and submission of the Request for Amendments of the Construction Permit (CLASS: UP/I-361-03/19-01/000229, Reg. No.: 378-19-0001 from 3 June 2019), at the end of May/beginning of June 2019, works on piles drilling and concreting have started pursuant to Article 106.a Paragraph 2. of the Building Act (Official Gazette, No. 153/13, 20/17 and 39/19), which stipulates that modifications during construction, which affect the fulfilment of any basic construction requirement that does not change the compliance of the building with the determined location requirements, can be made by the investor on the basis of an amendment and/or addendum to the main design which is an integral part of the construction permit on which basis the construction is built, while this amendment or addendum to the construction permit needs to be issued prior to the submission of the application for a use permit.

Following the abovementioned, by amendments and addendums to the main design and by Request for amendments of the building permit, technical solution for the construction of the foundations of a concrete coastal system based on reinforced concrete piles instead of caissons, since it does not change the location requirements, is defined. The technical design of the LNG terminal on reinforced concrete piles has been evaluated as an equivalent technical solution as the construction of reinforced concrete caissons whereby it also more environmentally friendly.

As for the foundation construction of the jetty, there are several technical solutions for the implementation of such construction. Technical solutions that can be used in the implementation of such construction are reinforced concrete caissons, reinforced concrete piles or gravity wall. The basic point of each construction is the same, in layman's terms it is irrelevant which technical solution is implemented, as each solution must fulfil the same parameters and calculations in accordance with Eurocod standards and be able to withstand the same forces, earthquakes and similar. Depending on the input parameters, the reinforcement, the type of concrete, the number of piles, the size of the caissons, etc. are defined, depending on the chosen technical solution.

Piles drilling and concreting works:

In addition to the above, on 11 April 2019, on the basis on notification of the commencement of construction and the Building Act, in accordance with the building permit for connecting high-pressure gas pipeline and the building permit for the construction of the connection water supply system, construction works on the pipeline and water supply system have started, as well as the construction of reinforced concrete elements (reinforced concrete elements that are placed on the piles).

Construction and installation of reinforced concrete elements:


Works on the gas pipeline and water supply route:


According to the dynamic execution plan, all critical equipment to be installed on the jetty has been procured (high pressure unloading arms, gangway, firefighting equipment including fire station, quick release hooks, fenders, pipes for high pressure pipeline, valves, pig launcher equipment and similar).  

Upon completion of the production of equipment procured and installed by the EPC Contractor, LNG Croatia's employees will attend the testing and inspection of each individual system, facility and equipment in the factories of the manufacturers of the equipment. 

The works are being carried out in accordance with a dynamic execution plan, according to which the completion of works is planned at the end of September 2020.