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LNG supply in the port of Rijeka

Natural gas supply point - an LNG distribution station in the Port of Rijeka is intended to supply sea, land and railway traffic in the northern Adriatic, and to distribute LNG to further locations in the Republic of Croatia and neighboring countries. 

Pursuant to the Law on the LNG terminal (Official Gazette, No. 57/18), the sub-project for the construction of an LNG terminal, is a place for LNG supply in the port of Rijeka - Rijeka Basin - Mlaka area. 

For the purpose of developing the LNG supply point (LNG filling stations for vessels and heavy motor vehicles, for filling the tanks and containers for further transportation by trucks and railways), through CEF / Transport grant program, LNG Croatia gained a grant in the amount of EUR 1,307,725 for development studies, project and permit documentation (85% of the total planned costs). 

After completion of the development part of the project, including project and permit documentation, LNG Croatia will apply for grant programs for the construction of the LNG supply station – LNG distribution station in Rijeka. 

The preliminary design envisages the LNG supply point to be supplied from the terminal via supply vessels and trucks. Berthing of the vessels will be carried out on the existing 180 meters long jetty and unloading will be performed by using two high-pressured unloading arms with planned maximum unloading capacity of 350 m3/h. For LNG supply LNG truck with maximum storage capacity of 43 m3 will be used. LNG pressure tanks are foreseen for the purpose of temporary LNG storage, while the volume and dimensions of the tanks will be determined by the project documentation. 

The planned LNG supply point will enable LNG powered vessels and trucks filling as well as loading the LNG into heavy trucks for further LNG distribution line, to distant markets. LNG is transported in ISO containers, via sea, road or railway traffic.