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Capital expenses

In accordance with the conducted procurement procedures (FSRU vessel, EPC works and Construction Supervision), the capital costs of the project have been minimized, and from the originally planned investment of EUR 383 million, the investment was significantly reduced to EUR 233.6 million. 

The FSRU procurement procedure resulted in a reduction of the initially estimated capital expenses of the project by approximately EUR 100 million (the planned cost for the FSRU vessel was EUR 250 to 270 million and the FSRU vessel was purchased for EUR 159.6 million). You can find more about the FSRU procurement procedure HERE

The procurement of EPC works resulted in the procurement of EPC works at a slightly lower amount than the initially planned budget (initially EUR 60 million was planned and EPC works worth EUR 58.5 million were procured). You can find more about the EPC procurement process HERE.