Open season

The company LNG Croatia LLC announced an invitation i.e. Open Season Notice, to book the capacity of the LNG terminal on a long-term period. This is a unique opportunity for LNG suppliers, gas traders and companies already involved in wholesale of natural gas in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe to diversify the transport route and source of natural gas via LNG terminal on the Island of Krk. To book the capacity prior to the construction of the LNG terminal, potential customers could have participated in the Open Season procedure. A two step procedure was anticipated. The first step was a non-binding step in which a potential customer was able to submit a non-binding offer to book the capacity of the LNG terminal. Based on the received offers and total available capacity LNG Croatia LLC will give a proposal on capacity allocation. If satisfied with the capacity allocated, potential customers can proceed to the second step of the Open Season procedure and submit the binding offer. After the binding offer is accepted, customer will be able to sign a long term contract with LNG Croatia LLC in order to finally book the previously allocated capacity.

More information on the Open Season Procedure can be found in the Open Season Process Paper.

Croatian Transmission System Operator also announced market test regarding the possibility of natural gas transmission via Croatian gas transmission system. More information regarding the Croatian Transmission System Operator market test can be found here.

Update information on 31.7.2015. - LNG Croatia LLC has prepared instructions for terminal users that have participated in non-binding phase on how to participate in the binding phase of Open Season procedure. Instructions can be found in binding phase Open Season Process Paper

Up-date information on 31.10.2015. - LNG Croatia LLC announces the successful completion of the process of final expression of interest for capacity booking. The final step of the binding open season process will now continue through the preparation and signature of the LNG Terminal service contract with the qualified LNG Terminal users.