Open season

Update information on 27.11.2017

Following the publication of the Public Consultation documentation, we publish the following forms at which you can also send your remarks:

Annual Schedule Request for Allocation of Capacities

Form of Agreement of Transfer of Unused Liquefied Natural Gas Terminal Capacities

Form of Daily Nomination for LNG Regasification Services

Form of LNG Discharge Order

Joint Terminal Use Agreement

Monthly Schedule Request for Allocation of Capacities

Request for Allocation of LNG Regasification Capacities


The company LNG Croatia LLC announced an invitation to book the capacity of the LNG terminal on a long-term period. This is a unique opportunity for LNG suppliers, gas traders and companies already involved in wholesale of natural gas in Central Eastern and South Eastern Europe to diversify the transport route and source of natural gas via LNG terminal on the Island of Krk. To book the capacity prior to the construction of the LNG terminal, potential customers could have participated in the Open Season procedure. A two step procedure was anticipated. The first step was a non-binding step in which a potential customer was able to submit a non-binding offer to book the capacity of the LNG terminal. Based on the received offers and total available capacity LNG Croatia LLC will give a proposal on capacity allocation. If satisfied with the capacity allocated, potential customers can proceed to the second step of the Open Season procedure and submit the binding offer. After the binding offer is accepted, customer will be able to sign a long term contract with LNG Croatia LLC in order to finally book the previously allocated capacity.

Update information on 16.06.2017 – Regarding the development of the Open Season procedure LNG Croatia is planning to start a Market consultation as the first step of the Open Season Binding Phase procedure.

It is envisaged that the Open Season Binding Phase will be performed in three stages:

    1st stage: Market consultation;

    2nd stage: Preliminary Open Season;

    3rd stage: Final Open Season.

More information on the Open Season will be available on 23rd of June in the OPEN SEASON BINDING PHASE UPDATE PROCESS PAPER.

In order to access the OPEN SEASON BINDING PHASE UPDATE PROCESS PAPER, please contact and you will be given further instructions.

More information on the project can be found on this presentation.

Update information on 08.06.2016 - The Government of Republic of Croatia has, at its 27th session, adopted the conclusion on speeding-up of activities on realization of construction of LNG terminal on the Island of Krk as an important factor in the diversification of natural gas supply as well as enhancement of security of natural gas supply for the countries of Southeast Europe. Based on the conclusion on the change of the project concept LNG Croatia has started to develop the phase of the project which includes construction of the floating terminal for storing and regasification of natural liquefied gas.

Up-date information on 31.10.2015. - LNG Croatia LLC has announced the successful completion of the process of final expression of interest for capacity booking for the 2015 Open Season. The final step of the binding open season process was planned to be continued through the preparation and signature of the LNG Terminal service contract with the qualified LNG Terminal users.

Update information on 31.07.2015. - LNG Croatia LLC has prepared instructions for terminal users that have participated in non-binding phase on how to participate in the binding phase of Open Season procedure. Instructions could be found in the 07/2015 binding phase Open Season Process Paper.

More information on the 2015 Open Season Procedure could be found in the 01/2015 Open Season Process Paper.